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You have a story to tell, and the future of your brand depends on it… 

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I work with technology brands and agencies to communicate their stories. I help them capture attention.

Like you, I understand the subtle nuances of content. I know your brand relies on how, when, where and to who your story is told. That’s just one of the reasons why I can add value.

the KNOWledge you need

integrated content

Campaign content to feed the funnel, email, social, PPC ads, infographics, landing pages and articles, whether evergreen or time-sensitive

expert commentary

Ghost-written opinion pieces , delivering on a wide range of consumer electronics and technology-related subjects

reports and whitepapers

Data, market research, interviews and industry statistics crafted into accessible documents that tell the story and get the point across

press releases

Content that connects with journalists, showcasing products and providing press-ready soundbites that get brands noticed

pitch documents

Persuasive content and imagery that wins clients and influences stakeholders by bringing your vision to life

persona development

Workshops and projects to explore audience types and help brands create a framework for relevant and prefer content


Before going it alone, I held senior marketing and content roles for 15 years, both client-side in CE and tech, and agency-side in digital marketing and web development agencies.

Since setting up my own business, I have worked on content and campaigns for many of the global players in technology, consumer electronics, cloud and IT infrastructure.

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