How To Choose A Copywriter For Your Business, Part 2: Content Quality and Content Cost

In part I of this series about finding a copywriter, I covered the differences between copywriting and content creation.

For this second instalment, we’ll be looking at quality versus price.

Quality or Price?

A quick Google search will reveal plenty of copywriters and content creators, and a multitude of content mills. These content mills are websites like Pure Content, Freelancer and Copify, which provide companies with copywriting services at low prices.

You’ll sign up to the content mill, your jobs will be matched with freelancers and the work is carried out and delivered to you based primarily on low cost.

It’s likely to cost you less than £10 for 300 words of copy. That sounds wonderful, but you won’t know what you’re getting until it lands in your inbox. In addition, you have no direct access to the person who wrote the copy and you won’t get the opportunity to build a relationship with a writer.

Cheap Work Doesn’t Work

As the copywriter will be earning less than 2p per word, they’ll be cutting corners and generating words as quickly as they can, just to make ends meet.

They’ll be thinking about the quantity rather than the quality and moving on to the next assignment as soon as possible.

You also have to ask yourself, why would an accomplished writer want to work for between £2 and £5 an hour? Would they be proud of the work they produced? Would you trust the quality?

Words That Convey and Convert

Think of your content as the voice of your company. A content mill won’t be concerned with the nuances of your brand, how their words can intrigue your audiences or how the persuasive subtext will convert your readers into paying customers.

However, higher prices don’t necessarily translate to better results; my own services are a good example of quality content at reasonable cost. That said, you can almost guarantee bargain basement content mills are the hangout of many a poorly-equipped writer. You’re better off staying away.

Approach a professional copywriter directly, ask for their best price and work with them to achieve your strategic goals. Within reason, a good writer will find a solution that fits your plans and your budget.

Remember, cheap content could end up costing you money, missing vital calls to action, lacking relevant link placement, failing to position your products and alienating your audiences.

Rather than going for the cheapest option, look to the long-term and focus on your return on investment. If you pay for quality content, you’ll reap the long-term benefits of increased sales and enhanced brand equity.

Inform or Promote?

Next time we’ll be looking at emotive writing, the balance between informational and promotional messaging, and the role of marketing in content production.

If you need a copywriter or content creator, or want to explore new ways to reach your audiences and increase leads, then let’s have a chat and make things happen.

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